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1927-H Twenty Cent

Charles V Brooke


Composition60% Copper, 40% SilverASW0.0655 ozWeight5.1g

Charles Vyner de Windt Brooke was the second son of Charles Johnson Brooke. He was the third and final White Rajah of Sarawak. Born in London on 26th September 1874, he was referred to as Vyner. He attended Clevedon, Winchester College and Magdelene College at Cambridge during his earlier years (Cambridge Colleges, 2015) . He then travelled to Sarawak to commence public service. When his father died, he succeeded as Rajah of Sarawak and it was proclaimed on 24th May 1917 in Kuching. Vyner soon earned the title he had inherited as the rubber and oil industries flourished under his leadership. This allowed him to embark on modernisation of the infrastructure in Sarawak thus improving the lifestyle of its people. A penal code was also introduced in 1924, which was an enhanced version of the British India version. Recognising Vynerís commitment and success, he was granted a knighthood in 1927. Such was his reputation that a 1,670 ton cargo vessel was named after him SS Vyner Brooke in 1928 (Australian War Memorial, 2015) . During WWII, Vyner was visiting Australia at the time that Japan landed in Sarawak. He and his family remained in Australia for the duration of the war.

In 1946, after Vyner had returned, Sarawak was ceded as a crown colony to the British Government. This marked the end of the White Rajahís century of rule. This was something that his nephew Anthony Brooke was vehemently opposed to. He had campaigned for numerous years against it with support of the majority of native members of Parliament. The pinnacle of the anti-cession movement culminated in the assassination of Sir Duncan Stewart, British governor of Sarawak by a young nationalist. Sarawak was officially self-governed from 22nd July 1963. Vyner died in London just before this on 9th May 1963. Along with his father and Sir James Brooke, he was buried in St Leonards Church, Sheepstor, Dartmoor, Devon, England.

The obverse of this twenty cent shows a portrait of Charles Vyner Brooke with the legend C. V. BROOKE RAJAH SARAWAK . The reverse has the denomination 20 in the centre with a rope outside it containing a knot at the bottom. The legend reads TWENTY 1927 CENTS.



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