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1863 - 1941

Sarawak is a region in the north-western part of the island of Borneo. In the 15th Century, following the decline of Majapahit empire of Java, the region became a province in the Sultanate of Brunei. In 1839 English adventurer James Brooke visited Sarawak and aided the Sultan in suppressing a violent revolt. The sultan rewarded Brooke by installing him as 'Raja' of Sarawak, a princely title that created a dynastic monarchy known as the 'White Rajahs'. This dynasty had strong ties to the British Empire with James and his successors almost all being born, educated, and dying in England.

In 1863 James Brooke returned to England where he was knighted by Queen Victoria and Sarawak became formally recognised as an independent state. While in England he ordered the creation of quarter, half, and one cent copper pieces bearing his image. The dies for these coins were engraved by Joseph Moore and the coins were struck by the private mint of Heaton and Sons in Birmingham. Coins bearing the effigy of James Brooke only exist for a single year but his successors continued to have coins struck by Heaton and Sons using similar designs. In 1900, under the rule of James' nephew Charles Johnson Brooke, the coinage from the Kingdom of Sarawak further expanded to include five, ten, twenty, and fifty cent silver pieces.

Quarter Cent1863 - 96Half Cent1863 - 1933One Cent1863 - 1941Five Cent1900 - 27Ten Cent1900 - 34Twenty Cent1900 - 27Fifty Cent1900 - 27
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62James Brooke1863 Quarter CentUnknown2203305401,0001,3001,4001,5001,600Charles J Brooke1870 Quarter Cent100,0002303305401,0001,3001,4001,5001,800Charles J Brooke1896-H Quarter Cent283,00025273376150230320510James Brooke1863 Half CentUnknown1802604208801,1001,2001,3003,800Charles J Brooke1870 Half Cent250,000821101703203904604902,100Charles J Brooke1879 Half Cent640,0003340561403406209401,700Charles J Brooke1896-H Half Cent327,0003542591503406109201,700Charles V Brooke1933-H Half Cent2,000,00023252959100150190280James Brooke1863 One CentUnknown751001502806009801,5001,600Charles J Brooke Type I1870 One CentUnknown6688130240300360420750Charles J Brooke Type I1879 One Cent750,0005007401,2002,4003,0004,0004,6004,900Charles J Brooke Type I1880 One Cent1,070,0001402003206207708408903,100Charles J Brooke Type I1882 One Cent1,070,000831101703304004405601,500Charles J Brooke Type I1884 One Cent1,070,000901201903604504906001,800Charles J Brooke Type I1885 One Cent2,140,000901201903604504903,6004,600Charles J Brooke Type I1886 One Cent3,210,0006689130240300320340790Charles J Brooke Type I1887 One Cent1,605,0001001402304405405906501,000Charles J Brooke Type I1888 One Cent2,140,00035415487100110170930Charles J Brooke Type I1889 One Cent535,000821101703203904805404,300Charles J Brooke Type I1889-H One Cent2,675,0001101502404605706304,7005,900Charles J Brooke Type I1889/8-H OverdateOne CentIncl. in above631302906708601,00010,00013,000Charles J Brooke Type I1890-H One Cent3,210,0003441571503707001,1009,100Charles J Brooke Type I1891 One Cent525,00060791102102602,2002,5002,700Charles J Brooke Type I1891-H One Cent1,070,00061801102103003604001,200Charles J Brooke Type II1892-H One Cent2,178,000293344100230380550940Charles J Brooke Type II1893-H One Cent1,634,00071961402703303604701,500Charles J Brooke Type II1894-H One Cent1,633,00094130200380470510530760Charles J Brooke Type II1896-H One Cent2,178,00062821202202703703901,200Charles J Brooke Type II1897-H One Cent1,089,000741001502803503603703,000Charles V Brooke Type I1920-H One Cent5,000,00024263269130200260400Charles V Brooke Type II1927-H One Cent5,000,00027313995190320450750Charles V Brooke Type II1929-H One Cent2,000,0001101602606101,2002,2003,5007,700Charles V Brooke Type II1930-H One Cent3,000,0002324274775100120160Charles V Brooke Type II1937-H One Cent3,000,0002324274776100120160Charles V Brooke Type II1941-H One Cent3,000,0005708401,4002,7003,4003,8003,9004,500Charles J Brooke1900-H Five Cent200,0002303305401,0001,3001,4001,5001,600Charles J Brooke1908-H Five Cent40,00061811203207801,5002,6005,600Charles J Brooke1911-H Five Cent40,0001001402204205105605902,000Charles J Brooke1913-H Five Cent100,0001201702605106306907202,200Charles J Brooke1915-H Five Cent100,0003440541403406109201,500Charles V Brooke Type I1920-H Five Cent100,0001201702705106409001,3002,300Charles V Brooke Type II1920-H Five Cent400,000821101804501,0002,2003,9009,300Charles V Brooke Type II1927-H Five Cent600,00024263271130210280430Charles J Brooke1900-H Ten Cent150,00071941302503003303501,000Charles J Brooke1906-H Ten Cent50,000981302003804705101,0008,100Charles J Brooke1910-H Ten Cent50,0001001402104005005505801,100Charles J Brooke1911-H Ten Cent100,0001201702705206507107801,200Charles J Brooke1913-H Ten Cent100,000110160250470580640670930Charles J Brooke1915-H Ten Cent100,0001301903005707107808203,700Charles V Brooke Type I1920-H Ten Cent150,0001001402204205305806501,100123