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Malaya and British North Borneo

1953 - 62

Toward the conclusion of the Second World War Japan was expelled by allied forces from Malaya. Unfortunately a new conflict quickly emerged between Commonwealth Forces and the increasingly powerful Malaysian Communist Party backed by the Peoples Republic of China. This conflict, dubbed the Malayan Emergency, was fought between 1948 and 1960. During the conflict Malaya continued to gain further independence from Britain. In 1953 the Board of Commissioners of Currency expanded to include British North Borneo and in 1957 Malaya gained Independence as the Federation of Malaya. With this move the communist insurrection lost much of its anti-colonial raison d'ĂȘtre. In 1963, Singapore, British North Borneo, Sarawak, and the Federation of Malaya finally merged together to form the Federation of Malaysia.

The Board of Commissioners of Currency, Malaya was expanded to include British North Borneo in 1953. The board's currency continued to be utilised until the Federation of Malaysia began issuing its own currency in 1967. The coins produced by the board after British North Borneo's inclusion were very similar to those produced earlier.

The obverse of the Malaya and British North Borneo coins features the effigy of the new monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and features the legend 'QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND'. The reverse is effectively identical to the British Malaya coins with the denomination in the centre written in a stack (e.g. '20 CENTS'). The denomination is surrounded by a beaded ring and the legend which states 'MALAYA AND BRITISH BORNEO' followed by the date of issue.

One Cent1956 - 62Five Cent1953 - 61Ten Cent1953 - 61Twenty Cent1954 - 61Fifty Cent1954 - 61
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageF12VF20XF40AU50MS62Elizabeth II Square1956 One Cent6,250,000303883150460Elizabeth II Square1957 One Cent12,500,00024275084190Elizabeth II Square1958 One Cent5,000,0000.120.160.22156Elizabeth II Square1961 One Cent10,000,0002223283344Elizabeth II Round1962 One Cent45,000,00023264366130Elizabeth II1953 Five Cent20,000,0002224365087Elizabeth II1957 Five Cent10,000,00023264571150Elizabeth II1957-KN Five Cent10,000,000263271130440Elizabeth II1957-H Five CentIncl. in above24285186200Elizabeth II1958 Five Cent10,000,0000. II1958-H Five Cent10,000,0000. II1961 Five Cent90,000,00025285286190Elizabeth II1961-H Five Cent5,000,000263165120350Elizabeth II1961-KN Large KNFive Cent5,000,00023253958110Elizabeth II1961-KN Small KNFive CentIncl. in above931403406703,400Elizabeth II1953 Ten Cent20,000,000253058100260Elizabeth II1956 Ten Cent10,000,000293679150470Elizabeth II1957-KN Ten Cent10,000,000293784160560Elizabeth II1957-H Ten Cent10,000,000263266120340Elizabeth II1958 Ten Cent10,000,000263061100290Elizabeth II1960 Ten Cent10,000,00023264367130Elizabeth II1961 Ten Cent60,784,00024264571150Elizabeth II1961-KN Ten Cent69,220,000273376150510Elizabeth II1961-H Ten CentIncl. in above24274980180Elizabeth II1954 Twenty Cent10,000,000263162100290Elizabeth II1956 Twenty Cent5,000,000293785160570Elizabeth II1957-KN Twenty Cent2,500,0005171120140340Elizabeth II1957-H Twenty Cent2,500,000252957100270Elizabeth II1961 Twenty Cent32,000,00024274674160Elizabeth II1961-H Twenty Cent23,000,0002224354780Elizabeth II1954 Milled EdgeFifty Cent8,000,0004707701,5001,9002,100Elizabeth II1954 Security EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above9.90163265390Elizabeth II1955-H Security EdgeFifty Cent4,000,00014244898450Elizabeth II1955-H Milled EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above861302302902,700Elizabeth II1956 Fifty Cent3,440,0002604208201,0001,300Elizabeth II1957-H Fifty Cent2,000,000120190360450850Elizabeth II1957-KN Security EdgeFifty Cent2,000,000711001802202,100Elizabeth II1957-KN Milled EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above46661603401,500Elizabeth II1958-H Security EdgeFifty Cent4,000,00025295595230Elizabeth II1958-H Milled EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above60861501801,700Elizabeth II1961 Security EdgeFifty Cent17,000,00024264675160Elizabeth II1961 Milled EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above83120220270340Elizabeth II1961-H Security EdgeFifty Cent4,000,000253058100260Elizabeth II1961-H Milled EdgeFifty CentIncl. in above263164110320Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintagePR60Elizabeth II Square1956 ProofOne CentUnknown Elizabeth II Square1958 ProofOne CentUnknown Elizabeth II Square1961 ProofOne CentUnknown Elizabeth II Round1962 ProofOne CentUnknown Elizabeth II1953 ProofFive CentUnknown Elizabeth II1953 Proof SilverFive Cent4 12