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1845 Sans WW Quarter Cent

East India Company

Straits Settlements

Reverse DesignerWilliam WyonObverse DesignerWilliam WyonComposition97% CopperWeight2.33gMintCalcutta MintMonarchVictoriaEdgePlain

During the early 19th century, the dominant currency of the regions which were later amalgamated as the Straits Settlements, that being Penang, Malacca and Singapore, was the Spanish Dollar. Additionally Java rupees and guilders were often used in the colony but they had a reputation of having a silver content less than that of the Spanish Dollar. Because of this, in 1823 the government declared the Spanish Dollar the legal currency of the settlements but this left the colony without any lower denomination medium of exchange.

While some early trials were made, the coinage that eventuated as the first circulating coins for colony were the one quarter, one half and one cent coins bearing a wreath on the reverse with the legend EAST INDIA COMPANY and the date 1845 at the bottom despite the issue being stuck from 1847 to 1862. The denomination of 1/4 Cent is at the center of the reverse. The obverse features the Wyon Young Head portrait of Queen Victoria.

The Quarter Cent is by far the scarcest of the three denominations despite a relatively high initial mintage. The low survival rate is likely due to the heavy circulation the piece experienced and the urgency of new coinage for the colony. It is especially difficult to acquire in high grades particularly if any original mint red is desired.

Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here. MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50MS621845 Sans WW34,327,00082 110 170 320 370 RB RD 1,100 11 NGC Apr/2013 ???? Mavin International 15 NGC Mar/2010 ???? Mavin International 1,800 2,900 Sales records only available with a Gold Subscription or higher, for subscription options, please click here.Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here. MintagePR601845 Proof With WWUnknown18,000