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British Malaya

1939 - 50

In 1933 Sir Basil Blackett was given the task of reviewing the Malayan currency for the Secretary of State for the Colonies. In his report he recommended that the power of issuing currency be removed from individual states and passed to a special Pan-Malayan Currency Commission. In 1938 the recommendation was adopted and the Board of Commissioners of Currency Malay was created. The board was given the power to create coins and notes for the Straits Settlements (Singapore, Penang, and Malaca), the Federated Malay States (Perak, Selangor, etc), and the Unfederated Malay States (Johore, Kedah, Brunei, etc). In 1939 currency began being issued under the name of the Commissioners of Currency Malaya.

The initial set of coins produced by the Commissioners of Currency included five pieces based on the designs used in the Straits Settlements. The half cent and one cent coins were made from bronze and were square in shape. The five cent, ten cent, and twenty cent pieces were round in shape and were produced from silver until 1948 when cupro-nickel was adopted. The shift from silver also included a very minor alteration in size and type however the overall design of the set remained consistent from creation to discontinuation.

As this set was only issued during the reign of His Majesty King George VI his leftward facing effigy designed by Percy Metcalfe is on the reverse of all pieces. The bronze one and half cent piece have straight edged legends stating 'GEORGE VI - KING - EMPEROR'. The higher denomination pieces have the legend 'GEORGE VI KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA' until Indian independence in 1947 when the legend changes to simply state 'KING GEORGE THE SIXTH'. The obverse design on all pieces features the denomination in the centre (e.g. '10 CENTS') there is then beaded boarder and the legend which states 'COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY MALAYA' followed by the date of issue. When the higher denomination pieces shifted to cupro-nickel in 1948 the coins typeface on both sides became slightly larger.

Half Cent1940One Cent1939 - 45Five Cent1939 - 50Ten Cent1939 - 50Twenty Cent1939 - 50
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageF12VF20XF40AU50MS62George VI1940 Half Cent6,000,0002832434855George VI Large1939 One Cent20,000,00024285286200George VI Large1940 One Cent23,600,0002324365087George VI Large1941-I One Cent33,620,00023254060110George VI Small1943 One Cent50,000,000253060100280George VI Small1945 One Cent40,033,00023253856100George VI Small1939 Five Cent2,000,00027315692210George VI Small1941 Five Cent4,000,00027315693210George VI Small1941-I Five CentIncl. in above2527375082George VI Small1943 Five Cent10,000,00025274262110George VI Small1945 Five Cent8,800,0002425344570George VI Small1945-I Five Cent4,600,00033395563560George VI Large1948 Five Cent30,000,00023254161110George VI Large1950 Five Cent40,000,00023264263120George VI Small1939 Ten Cent10,000,00029325485170George VI Small1941 Ten Cent17,000,00027293848130George VI Small1941-I Ten CentUnknown6,60011,00012,00012,00022,000George VI Small1943 Ten Cent5,000,0002.702.703.606.7092George VI Small1945 Ten Cent3,152,00027305179160George VI Small1945-I Ten CentUnknown6,60011,00012,00013,00022,000George VI Large1948 Ten Cent23,885,00024274980180George VI Large1949 Ten Cent26,115,000252957100270George VI Large1950 Ten Cent65,000,0001.8039.4018220George VI Type I1939 Twenty Cent8,000,00033365170110George VI Type I1943 Twenty Cent5,000,0002931405176George VI Type I1945 Twenty Cent10,000,000323771120310George VI Type I1945-I Twenty CentUnknown7,10011,00013,00014,00022,000George VI Type II1948 Twenty Cent40,000,00023264366130George VI Type II1950 Twenty Cent20,000,00025295799250Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintagePR60George VI Type I1939 ProofTwenty CentUnknown3,500George VI Type I1943 ProofTwenty CentUnknown George VI Type II1948 ProofTwenty CentUnknown George VI Type II1950 ProofTwenty CentUnknown George VI Small1939 ProofTen CentUnknown George VI Small1941 ProofTen CentUnknown George VI Small1943 ProofTen CentUnknown George VI Large1948 ProofTen CentUnknown George VI Large1950 ProofTen CentUnknown George VI Small1939 ProofFive CentUnknown George VI Small1941 ProofFive CentUnknown George VI Small1943 ProofFive CentUnknown George VI Large1948 ProofFive CentUnknown George VI Large1939 ProofOne CentUnknown George VI Large1940 ProofOne CentUnknown George VI Small1943 ProofOne CentUnknown George VI1940 ProofHalf CentUnknown