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1862 Half Cent

British India

Straits Settlements

The last trading monopoly of the East India Company was abolished in 1853 after which the company acted only as an administrative entity though it was not until 1858 that its property and powers were officially transferred to the Crown. Under the Indian Act XIII of 1862, the coinage of India was redesigned with specific provisions for coinage of the Straits Settlements to be redesigned also.

Coins were struck from 1862 to 1867 though all coins were dated 1862. The Half Cent although scarcer than the One Cent is still reasonable easy to acquire in lower grades; The same could not be said for the coin in mint state especially if sought with any degree of original mint brilliance with auction appearances few and far between.

Proof strikes were also struck though these are extremely rare with only one or two auction appearances per decade.

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