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Malaysian Coin Values

1824 - 2013

Malaysia originated from the Malay Kingdoms, most of which from the 18th century became subject to the British Empire. The coins of various states covered in this reference include Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak and the later states of British Malaya and Borneo. The Blue Sheet provides retail values for coins from these states to the Sheldon numerical standard designed to be used with PCGS and NGC certified coins and provides a fascinating insight into the history of Southeast Asia through its circulating coins.

In 1826 Singapore was amalgamated with the port of Malacca and Penang to form the Straits Settlements under the administration of the East India Company and while the Spanish dollar was initially suffice as a medium of exchange, the lack of low denomination coins soon became a serious burden on the economy. In 1842 the Governor of the Straits Settlements reported on the hardships faced in the colony from a lack of copper coinage stressing on the losses faced by the lower classes from the fluctuation in value of privately issued tokens and requested that 50,000 rupees of copper coinage with the denominations of one cent, half cent and quarter cent be struck for the colony. In 1845 these coins were issued providing immediately relief for the colony.

The first coins to bear the Malayan legend were issued in 1939 and this design would continue until 1950 except for brief pauses during the Japanese occupation of the region. In 1953 the currency then unified with the British North Borneo dollar and the newly issued coins bore the legend Malaya and British North Borneo. These coins continued to be struck until 1962 before the Federation of the states of Malaysia.

East India Company1824 - 45British India1862Sarawak1863 - 1941Straits Settlements1871 - 1935British North Borneo1882 - 1941British Trade Dollars1895 - 1935British Malaya1939 - 50Malaya and British North Borneo1953 - 62Federation1967 - 2013
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.    MintageF12VF20XF40AU50MS62Great BritainTrade1910-B Dollar5,552,9101902604405001,000Great BritainTrade1910/00-B OverdateDollarIncl. in above     Great BritainTrade1911-B Dollar37,470,509160210350370950Great BritainTrade1912-B Dollar5,672,0751702203704701,300Great BritainTrade1913-B Dollar1,566,693     Great BritainTrade1921-B Dollar50,2112,2003,7008,30015,000170,000Great BritainTrade1925 Dollar6,869,8531902704605601,300Great BritainTrade1929/01-B OverdateDollar5,100,036     Great BritainTrade1929-B DollarIncl. in above120180350430550Great BritainTrade1930 Dollar6,664,8658893120170270Great BritainTrade1930-B Dollar10,401,032210300530640800Great BritainTrade1934-B Dollar17,335,2051502005301,1005,500Great BritainTrade1935-B Dollar6,811,995     British MalayaGeorge VI1940 Half Cent6,000,0002832434855British MalayaGeorge VI Large1939 One Cent20,000,00024285286200British MalayaGeorge VI Large1940 One Cent23,600,0002324365087British MalayaGeorge VI Large1941-I One Cent33,620,00023254060110British MalayaGeorge VI Small1943 One Cent50,000,000253060100280British MalayaGeorge VI Small1945 One Cent40,033,00023253856100British MalayaGeorge VI Small1939 Five Cent2,000,00027315692210British MalayaGeorge VI Small1941 Five Cent4,000,00027315693210British MalayaGeorge VI Small1941-I Five CentIncl. in above2527375082British MalayaGeorge VI Small1943 Five Cent10,000,00025274262110British MalayaGeorge VI Small1945 Five Cent8,800,0002425344570British MalayaGeorge VI Small1945-I Five Cent4,600,00033395563560British MalayaGeorge VI Large1948 Five Cent30,000,00023254161110British MalayaGeorge VI Large1950 Five Cent40,000,00023264263120British MalayaGeorge VI Small1939 Ten Cent10,000,00029325485170British MalayaGeorge VI Small1941 Ten Cent17,000,00027293848130British MalayaGeorge VI Small1941-I Ten CentUnknown6,60011,00012,00012,00022,000British MalayaGeorge VI Small1943 Ten Cent5,000,0002.702.703.606.7092British MalayaGeorge VI Small1945 Ten Cent3,152,00027305179160British MalayaGeorge VI Small1945-I Ten CentUnknown6,60011,00012,00013,00022,000British MalayaGeorge VI Large1948 Ten Cent23,885,00024274980180British MalayaGeorge VI Large1949 Ten Cent26,115,000252957100270British MalayaGeorge VI Large1950 Ten Cent65,000,0001.8039.4018220British MalayaGeorge VI Type I1939 Twenty Cent8,000,00033365170110British MalayaGeorge VI Type I1943 Twenty Cent5,000,0002931405176British MalayaGeorge VI Type I1945 Twenty Cent10,000,000323771120310British MalayaGeorge VI Type I1945-I Twenty CentUnknown7,10011,00013,00014,00022,000British MalayaGeorge VI Type II1948 Twenty Cent40,000,00023264366130British MalayaGeorge VI Type II1950 Twenty Cent20,000,00025295799250Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II Square1956 One Cent6,250,000303883150460Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II Square1957 One Cent12,500,00024275084190Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II Square1958 One Cent5,000,0000.120.160.22156Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II Square1961 One Cent10,000,0002223283344Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II Round1962 One Cent45,000,00023264366130Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II1953 Five Cent20,000,0002224365087Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II1957 Five Cent10,000,00023264571150Malaya and British BorneoElizabeth II1957-KN Five Cent10,000,000*263271130440123456789101112131415161718192021222324